Mattarello in Faggio con Manico Girevole 50 cm



Rolling pin with revolving handle Made in Italy, made of untreated beech wood.
Diameter: 4.4 cm - Length: 50 cm

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Beech Rolling Pin with Swivel Handle
Mattarello in Faggio con Manico Girevole 50 cm 6,34 5,90
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Made of wood of Beech tree (FAGUS Sylvatica) one piece. The rolling pin is not treated superficially in any way, neither with oils, nor with paints. The raw material is of European origin and does not come from illegal cutting in accordance with Reg. Cee 995/2010. The rolling pin is suitable for contact with food products and the materials used in its construction comply with the regulations for the protection of consumer health. The rolling pin does not involve an unacceptable change in the composition of food products or a deterioration of the organoleptic characteristics.

Precaution for use and maintenance:
The wood it is a natural and porous material and can therefore absorb external contaminants such as detergents. It is recommended to wash the rolling pin after use with water and bicarbonate. Let the rolling pin dry naturally, without bringing it close to direct heat sources to avoid deformations and cracks.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 4.4 × 4.4 cm

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  1. Riccardo M.

    Semplice e funzionale. Buona la costruzione. migliorabile la rifinitura del rullo centrale.

  2. Silvio

  3. Giancarlo C.

  4. Giovanni R.

    Realizzato come una volta. Buon prodotto

  5. Alessia

    Ben fatto

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