Verticelli Agricultural Company

L'Verticelli Agricultural Company, founded by Salvatore Parente in 1978, covers about 40 hectares of uncontaminated fields with the utmost respect for nature, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product.
“Let's cultivate the land” is the motto carried out by Mario, the owner of the company as well as an agronomist. Today, the company exports the best of Campania's gastronomic heritage both fresh and in the form of preserves on an international scale.
Verticelli is a farm located on the edge of the Roccamonfina Regional Park, an area of particularly fertile volcanic origin already defined by the ancient Romans as “Campania Felix”.
Thanks to the high fertility rate, the territory of Vairano Patenora between Campania and Lazio where the company stands today is naturally suited to quality fruit and vegetables.
In nature, everything has its time and moment, so we only grow seasonal vegetables, with our commitment and our passion we obtain quality vegetables while respecting the nature that hosts us.
Nothing is left to chance, our productions are followed step by step from the field to the jar.
The cultivation of all our productions is done with the use of integrated farming techniques, it is a production method that involves the adoption of techniques compatible with the conservation of the environment and food safety, provides for the coordinated and rational use of all the factors of production in order to minimize the use of technical means that have an impact on the environment or on the health of consumers.

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