Teglia per Pizza in Ferro Blu 40x30cm Emili Teglie



8/10 blue iron pizza pan with diagonals Emili Teglie, one of the best trays for cooking pizza in the home oven, also known as blue iron, a metal which, better than others, is suitable for cooking these foods because it releases heat slowly and constantly, thus guaranteeing perfect cooking, soft but crunchy underneath and no burns.

Pan that, before being used, this pizza pan requires a "burn".

Instructions for carrying out the burn they will be included in the package together with the Emili tray in paper format, but you can also consult them online at this link " Instructions Burning, care and maintenance Blue Iron Trays.

Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 2 cm

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Blue Sheet Pizza Pan 40x30cm Emili Teglie
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Those of Emili Teglie are among the best pizza pans  in the home oven is the one in blue iron, metal that, better than others, is suitable for cooking these foods because it releases heat slowly and constantly, thus ensuring perfect cooking, soft but crunchy pizza underneath and without burns.

The pizza pan Emili Teglie it is not non-stick and without an adequate initial treatment it would be difficult to take out anything without the risk of it sticking to the bottom of the pan itself.

The rendering is professional, in fact there are many pizzerias that prepare 'Roman pan pizza' using trays Emili Teglie.

The craftsmanship of the product ensures a high quality and resistance of the pan. Any imperfections do not affect the quality and use of the pan, but highlight the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the product.

The diagonals made in the center of the pan ensure more even cooking.

For the Emili Teglie blue sheet pan it is necessary to carry out the 'burning' procedure before the first use. You can follow the advice that we will enclose in the package to make it, or ask for information in the various online groups dedicated to pizza in Roman pan or expert pizza makers.

  • Keep the pan away from moisture.
  • NOT to wash NEVER the pan with water and / or soap, not even to remove the sprayed Vaseline oil to protect it.
  • Use absorbent paper or cotton to clean it after use.
  • Before putting the pan away, we recommend brushing lightly with oil on the entire internal and external surface.
  • Do not use metal utensils in contact with the pan.
  • The pan can reach the maximum temperature of 310 ° .

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 2 cm

Emili Teglie

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  1. Fernando Iacovitti


  2. sabrina crupi

    Buongiorno, ho seguito alla lettera le vostre indicazioni per la bruciatura compreso il fumo e odore, il risultato dopo due trattamenti era come detto da voi non appiccicava nulla fatto pizza la sera ed entrambe le teglie un disastro ha attaccato completamente ogni centimetro di due teglie cercando di togliere tutta la pizza attaccata ora ha delle macchie ed è inutilizzabile in quanto è completamente rigata.

  3. francesco

    Tutto perfetto 👌

  4. Anonimo

    Ottima teglia, con chiare istruzioni per il primo utilizzo. Spedizione ed imballo eccellenti.

  5. Maurizio Moschella

    Negozio molto serio. Mi hanno dato un’assistenza impeccabile a fronte di problemi causati dal corriere. Sicuramente comprerò ancora da loro.

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