Sauces Selection Chili Pepper TubeORIGINAL


trio of jars with brightly flavored chilli-based creams. A true delight for lovers of spicy notes that tickle the palate.
An ace up the sleeve for all chefs and cooking enthusiasts.
The pipe Selection Chili Pepper contains 3 jars:

  • Chilli cream
  • Chilli compote
  • 'Nduja

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Sauces Selection Chili Pepper TubeORIGINAL
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With creams TubeORIGINAL you can be the protagonist of an ever-changing journey, a journey of taste characterized by unexpected and wonderful destinations, while remaining seated at the table. Experiment and dare with creams TubeORIGINAL lines to live a new experience every time, adding ever-changing nuances to your dishes.
You will be able to return your mind to the places of your heart and travel in the company of friends towards new wonderful destinations. There Selection Chili Pepper line</strong> it is a trio of jars with Calabrian chilli pepper creams with a lively flavour. Ideal for accompanying appetizers, filling canapés or croutons, chilli creams add spicy notes to your dishes that tickle the palate.

The tube contains 3 jars:

  • Chilli cream (80gr)
  • Chilli Compote (80gr)
  • 'Nduja (90gr)
TubeORIGINAL Chili Pepper Cream

Chilli Cream 80g

A chilli cream ideal for spicy lovers, to spread on
bruschetta, croutons and canapés during the aperitif, or for
flavor grilled meat and vegetables.

Chilli Compote 80g

Sauce with a semi-soft consistency and a sweet flavor with an aftertaste
spicy. Perfect to accompany meat, cheese, or even for
reinvigorate the flavor of desserts.

TubeORIGINAL Chilli Compote

'Nduja 80g

Excellent on bread or to flavor pasta sauces, the 'Nduja, with notes
with a strong flavour, it is the typical cured meat from Calabria, all to be spread and eaten

Additional information

Weight 0,48 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 18 cm
Net weight

240g (3×80g)

Method of conservation

Keep in a cool, dry place.




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