Annurca Apple and Ginger Compote Azienda Agricola Lombari 200g

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An extraordinary combination of Annurca apple and a pinch of pungent ginger. This compote offers a perfect balance between the sweetness of the apples and the liveliness of the ginger, creating a unique and stimulating flavor. To be enjoyed alone, in cocktails or as an accompaniment to oriental dishes and exotic desserts.

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Annurca Apple and Ginger Compote Azienda Agricola Lombari 200g
Annurca Apple and Ginger Compote Azienda Agricola Lombari 200g 6,80 Original price was: €6,80.5,90Current price is: €5,90.
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The meeting between Annurca apple and ginger adds a new dimension of flavor to this compote. The sweetness of Annurca apples is balanced by the liveliness of ginger, creating a unique and stimulating explosion of taste. This compote is versatile, it can be used to give a special touch to desserts such as cheesecake or ice cream, or as an accompaniment to Asian dishes and even to create surprising cocktails. It gives an exciting and unforgettable dining experience.

In the heart of the province of Caserta, in the picturesque village of Presenzano, in 1973 a story of passion for the land began thanks to Pasquale, who had previously sought his fortune in the moors of England, and his younger brother. Far from his homeland, Pasquale started a family, but nostalgia for his origins brought him back home. Returning to Presenzano with the desire to lay down deep roots, he decided to make the most of the fertile land of his region. He and his brother began growing Annurca peaches and apples, exclusive treasures of those places, and also started a small livestock farm.
Their dedication to the land and work spread through the seasons, and their farm, “Lombari,” began to flourish. In 2020, with the loving support of his wife Enza and their daughters, Sandra and Francesca, Gianni embarked on a new adventure: the transformation of Annurca apples into delicious compotes and nectars. This new venture represented the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, keeping the roots of the Lombari farm alive while seeking new growth opportunities.
The Lombari farm quickly became renowned for its dedication to quality, sustainability and passion for the land. The story of this farming family is an example of how a connection to one's roots and a willingness to adapt to modern times can lead to lasting success. Their legacy lives on through generations, as they continue to cultivate the beauty and goodness of the lands of Presenzano, with Annurca apples at the center of their success story.
Gianni, one of Pasquale's six children, had a deep love for the countryside since his youth. Growing up in the fields, he learned the secrets of the land and the importance of preserving his family's agricultural traditions. At the age of around thirty, Gianni took over the reins of the Lombari agricultural company. With great determination, in 1993 he introduced new crops in the Lumbari fields. The cultivation of hazelnuts and legumes became an integral part of the company, adding variety and value to agricultural production. Gianni had a clear vision for the company's future, and his commitment to sustainability and diversification proved to be a wise move.
Choosing the Annurca apple means immersing yourself in a world of taste and tradition, but it also offers a series of unique advantages compared to other apple varieties. This extraordinary variety, grown in the fertile lands of Presenzano, province of Caserta, is known for its intense sweetness and its unforgettable aftertaste, which make it a delight for the palate. But what makes it truly special are its health benefits.
The Annurca apple is a source of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, helping to improve heart health, regulate blood sugar levels and strengthen the immune system. Unlike other apples, Annurca is particularly resistant to the loss of nutrients during storage, maintaining its beneficial properties intact even after being harvested.
This means you can enjoy all its health benefits in every bite. Furthermore, its versatility in the kitchen offers endless possibilities, from the freshness of a snack to the creation of surprising desserts. But there's more: Presenzano is universally recognized as the ideal place for growing the Annurca apple, thanks to the unique soil conditions and favorable climate, which contribute to growing very high quality apples.

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Method of conservation

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and direct exposure to sunlight. Once opened, store in the fridge at +4°C and consume within 4/5 days.


Annurca apple (70%), sugar (30%), lemon, ginger.


Lombari Gianni Agricultural Company


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