Datterino Yellow Datterino in Natural Charcoal 1 Kg
Datterino Yellow Datterino in Natural Charcoal 1 Kg
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Datterino Yellow Datterino in Natural Charcoal 1 Kg



The Datterino Giallo al Naturale Charcoal is the result of one of the most fertile lands rich in agri-food productions: the Piana del Sele in the province of Salerno.

Drained Weight: 620 g
Net weight: 1000 g

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The yellow datterino tomato, contrary to what one might think, is the ancestor of the tomato we know today. The first tomato growers were the indigenous Americans who made a large and immense consumption of it and who thought that the yellow berries had an aphrodisiac power. The plant was then exported to Spain for ornamental use, but it is from there that the Italians took the name "golden apple" to use the fruit that is today on our tables.
The yellow datterino has a sweet taste and is characterized by the total absence of acidity. When harvested, it comes in regular clusters of 14-16 fruits, cylindrical in shape not well defined and uniform.
It is rich in substances with a high antioxidant power capable of neutralizing free radicals. It also contains vitamins C, A and B vitamins.
Precisely because, compared to the classic tomato, it has no acidity, it is widely used in recipes based on fish and seafood and to fill pizza.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 15 cm
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