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How to measure flour without a scale - Sapori Our

How to measure flour without a scale

In this article you will find out how to measure flour without a scale, are you at a friend's house who does not have a scale or simply yours is broken? Read on and we'll show you how simple it is to weigh flour without a scale. Weigh flour with a spoon Yes, it is possible to measure the flour with a [...]

History of flour, find out who invented flour - Sapori Our

History of flour, who invented flour?

The word flour derives from the Latin farīna, in turn derived from far, or spelled; in fact, this word comes from the ancient Romans, who originally made use of this cereal to obtain this nourishing powder, which they used for all their preparations. The most used today is certainly soft wheat flour, [...]

Terre Aurunche DOP extra virgin olive oil

Terre Aurunche DOP extra virgin olive oil

Terre Aurunche PDO extra virgin olive oil, according to the production disciplinary, requires the use of olives from the “Sessana” cultivar for at least 70%. La Sessana originates from the production area from which its name derives, the town of Sessa Aurunca, the largest municipality in the production area, while the minor cultivars envisaged [...]

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