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History of flour, who invented flour?

History of flour, find out who invented flour - Sapori Our

The word Flour comes from the Latin Flour, in turn derived from far, or the Emmer; in fact, this word comes from the ancients Romans, which originally made use of this cereal to obtain this nourishing powder, which they used for all their preparations.

The most used today is certainly soft wheat flour, suitable for any preparation, from bread to focaccia to pizza. But still today, if you want you can experiment and try an excellent spelled focaccia. There are many variations, but each grinding comes from wheat, which belongs to the Graminaceae family, generically recognizable by the particular ear shape, wheat is one of the most cultivated plant species in the world.

The Origins of Flour: Who Invented Flour?

Flour is thought to have been invented by the peoples of Asia Minor, in the famous Fertile Crescent, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The cultivation of wheat, and grasses in general, has spread over time throughout Europe, and is today one of the basic foods of good nutrition for many populations all over the world.

With the discovery of America, corn flour also arrived on the tables of Europeans, from which the polenta we know today is born, originally prepared by the Romans with millet or spelled flour.

Today there are many types of flours suitable for all types of preparations, the The term flour, in fact, no longer indicates only the products of grasses, but is also used for many others products obtained from grinding, including, cereals, nuts (almonds or hazelnuts), legumes, or seeds of various plants; from corn flour to oat, hazelnut or buckwheat flour.

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