Farina 100% Grani Italiani Caputo 1 Kg



Leavening: 18/24 hours
Bakery: W 250/270

  • Flour 100% Italian grains "Grano Nostrum"
  • Suitable for bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers.
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Flour 100% Italian grains, Grano Nostrum Caputo 1 Kg
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The new flour 100% Italian grains is the result of a work carried out jointly with farmers in Southern Italy to select the most suitable varieties of grains for each type of soil, and with the artisans of the artisans of the white art, to identify the best product for their gastronomic recipes. A path of continuous research that fills us with pride. A quality controlled supply chain that has led to the birth of wheat varieties with unique characteristics.

Type of flour

W 250/270


P / L 0.50 / 0.60


The Caputo Mill

Since 1924, the Mulino Caputo works the wheat with generosity and passion, to offer professionals and enthusiasts of the White Art Caputo Farina of the highest quality, produced in full respect of raw materials and tradition.

Il Molino Caputo produces a wide range of flours for home and professional use. Caputo flour is used above all by professionals in confectionery dough, bread making, pasta and pizza, with many types of flours intended for different processes.

Authoritativeness, spontaneity and tradition, it is from these values that the white art of Mulino Caputo is born, which thanks to the experience gained in 3 generations of Neapolitan Master Millers, allows it to guarantee very high quality standards, to ensure that expert restaurateurs and artisans of taste best express their creativity.

Caputo flour has the ability to preserve the naturalness and authenticity of flavors to the maximum, for this and for other reasons, Molino Caputo is appreciated and recognized all over the world.

Additional information

Weight 1.035 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm

1 Kg



Shelf Life

12 months


W 250/270


P / L 0.50 / 0.60


18/24 hours


Mulino Caputo

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