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Peschiole di Vairano Patenora

Peschiole di Vairano Patenora

Peschiole di Vairano Patenora in the province of Caserta are small peach fruit harvested still green at the time of the first thinning, when they measure just one or two centimeters and the stone is not yet hardened. They actually belong to the category of nectarines, with hairless fruit, which are particularly suitable for this preparation. After careful washing, the peaches are cooked in water and vinegar flavored with spices, and then stored in glass jars. They have a strong, highly distinctive flavor, crunchy and compact consistency. Preserved in vinegar, they are consumed as an aperitif. Only recently this ancient recipe has come out of exclusively family use and have gained wide notoriety, especially in the catering and gastronomy specializing in typical products.


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