Nuvola Caputo flour 5 Kg
Nuvola Caputo flour 5 Kg
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Nuvola Caputo flour 5 Kg




  • The Caputo Nuvola flour is suitable for light doughs with large cavities.
  • Long leavening for high digestibility.
  • 100% natural, without additives and preservatives.

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From the research and development of the Caputo Mill was born Cloud: a careful selection of natural 100% raw materials without additives or preservatives that ensures volume and softness of the dough thanks to the high fermentation capacity naturally present in the grains, which makes the doughs easy to digest.

There Nuvola Caputo flour it is suitable for direct doughs up to 18/24 h of leavening, they will get light doughs with large alveolations.

Cloud it is a word that is associated with many concepts: lightness, impalpability, softness, but above all melt-in-the-mouth consistency that dissolves in the mouth, a bit like cotton candy.

Nuvola is a whole new line of flours that Mulino Caputo he dedicated primarily to contemporary doughs. The contemporaneity in white art is a real school of thought which aims to obtain: excellent alveolation, zero chewing, lightness, meltness, digestibility through greater hydration and an increase in the leavening and maturation times of the dough.

Ingredients: Type "0" soft wheat flour

Without the addition of additives and enzymes
Contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy

Keep in a cold and dry place

Average Nutritional Values
100g %AR * / 100g
Energy value 1,502 kj
352 kcal
of which: saturated fatty acids
1.0 g
0.2 g
of which: sugars
72 g
1 g
Fibers 3 g
Proteins 12.5 g 25%
salt 0.006 g 0%

Type of flour


± 0.50%



Recipes with this product

Manlio Di Paola


The Brezel is a type of bread very popular among populations of Teutonic origin, and therefore widespread especially in Germany.

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Mulino Caputo

Dal 1924, il Mulino Caputo lavora il grano con generosità e passione, per offrire a professionisti e appassionati dell'Arte Bianca farina Caputo di altissima qualità, prodotte nel pieno rispetto delle materie prime e della tradizione. Il Molino Caputo produce un’ampia gamma di farine destinate ai professionisti degli impasti dolciari, della panificazione, della pasta e della pizza, con tanti tipi di farine destinate alle diverse lavorazioni. Autorevolezza, spontaneità e tradizione, è da questi valori che nasce l’arte bianca di Caputo, che grazie all’esperienza maturata in 3 generazioni di Maestri Mugnai Napoletani, gli permette di garantire elevatissimi standard qualitativi, per fare in modo che esperti ristoratori e artigiani del gusto esprimano al meglio la loro creatività. Il valore delle farine Caputo molino apprezzato e riconosciuto in tutto il mondo, perché grazie al Metodo Caputo le farine hanno la capacità di preservare al massimo la naturalità e l’autenticità dei sapori. Acquista Caputo farine di qualità per ogni preparazione.
Mulino Caputo

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Weight 5.175 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 12 cm

5 Kg



Shelf Life

12 months


W 260/280


P / L 0.50 / 0.60


18/24 hours


Mulino Caputo

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